NWRW Interview Series - Ciara & David

Ciara & David took part in Nottinghamshire’s Wedding Ring Workshop to create their own Wedding Rings in 2019. They have taken time to give an insight into the make your own Wedding Rings Workshop by sharing their story.

What attracted you as a couple to making your own Wedding Rings?

We were excited to make our own wedding rings as it made the rings far more personal than if we had just chosen a style we liked in a shop window. We also liked the idea that we would be making each other's rings and could customize them to be exactly how we wanted them to be.

Would you describe yourself as a creative couple?

I would say we are creative but not overly so. We are very light-hearted and have so much fun together and this definitely came out when we were at the workshop. Puneet allowed us to take charge in terms of creativity and was there to guide us through the process, we definitely felt like we could be as creative as we liked.

Had you any experience of making jewelry before booking NWRW?

We had never tried anything like this before but Puneet made us feel very relaxed and created a joyful atmosphere as she guided us throughout the day.

What did you enjoy the most about making your own Wedding Rings?

We honestly enjoyed every minute of the day and being so hands on and involved in the creation of each others wedding ring made the rings so personal and unique to us.

What advice would you give to a couple thinking about booking a NWRW?

If we could give any advice to someone who is looking at booking a NWRW, we would say go for it! We have told so many people about this workshop already. You have the opportunity to create a beautiful, personal piece of jewelry that has its own story to tell and you will have so much fun at the same time.